Friday, October 28, 2011

Best seats for The Lion King Minneapolis Orpheum Theatre where to sit

Where should I sit at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis seating chartI often see people search for where to sit for the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, or wondering where the Orpheum Theatres best seats are located, Best place to sit at Orpheum Minneapolis. This will be just my opinion, but I'll let you know where I would prefer to sit for an event at the Orpheum Theatre.

Do you think the balcony or floor is better at Orpheum theatre? When I buy Orpheum Theatre tickets, usually my first consideration is price. I usually have a limit I need to stick within. There really isn't a horrible place to sit at the Orpheum, but there are seats that are better than others. If my price limit is pretty low, the Orpheum tickets I'd more than likely need to buy would be seats in the balcony, towards the last few rows. This is where I sat for The Lion King, when the tour was here in 2004 or 2005. I was fresh out of college and had zero moo-lah! I took my Mom as her Christmas gift. If possible, I would try to get Orpheum Theater seats in the center sections of the balcony, so at least I'm centered, even if I am in the back row. You can still see fine being towards the back of the balcony at the Orpheum Theatre, mostly it's not the best place to sit because you are so far away, you lose a little bit of the performance because you cannot see the detail in the set, clothes and makeup of the actors. Also, the Orpheum Theatre is very steep, so when you're sitting in the balcony, you may sometimes miss something if they are doing anything on the top of the stage. For instance, at Wicked, they had some of the set in the middle on the very top of the stage, near the curtain. If you are towards the back, I wonder if you may have missed when that set piece moved. But it didn't bring that much to the show, it isn't a make or break point for me.

For Mamma Mia! I enjoyed the good seats I had on the Main Floor 2 row DD. Row DD is four rows from the last row on the floor, but I still had a great view. The price level for being towards the back on the floor was higher than in the balcony, but still cheaper than closer rows on the floor and balcony.Lion King bird

When I saw Grease at the Orpheum, I thought I had the best Orpheum seats I have had at any event I had gone to there. I sat in section 6 in the balcony, in the front row! I was so excited to have gotten those seats! Unfortunately, Grease was also the lamest show I have seen at the Orpheum! Sad face! The show was fine, but I really thought the caliber of the whole production was more like something I would expect to see at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre (and I am NOT dissing's just a smaller place and smaller production/budget). I expected a lot more for a Broadway tour than what I saw for the Grease performance.

For Avenue Q, I sat in the middle section of the balcony left, section 9, and I believe it was row J. These seats were pretty good as well. A nice in-between from the last section and the first section. I think I had similar seats for Mary Poppins, although that was section 7, so we were more centered.Lion King on Broadway Minneapolis

I just bought my tickets for this go-round of The Lion King at the Orpheum Theatre, which is running from January 11, 2012 until February 12, 2012. It was very important to me to have Orpheum Theatre good seats for The Lion King, since I had the back seats last time I saw the show. I am bringing my two oldest nieces to see The Lion King with me as their Christmas gifts, and I am so excited. I have brought them to a few other shows before, one of them was able to see Mary Poppins with me, but I don't think they will be prepared for how awesome this performance is going to be. I consider sixth row in the balcony to be good seats! I am not positive on where the overhang of the balcony meets up with the main floor seats, but my guess, based on the Orpheum Theatre seating chart, is that balcony row A is right above row H on the main floor. I'm in row F in the balcony, which I think is equivalent to row N on the main floor. Super stoked!

Now, of course, if money were no object, I would love to sit on the center main floor 1 or 2, and somewhere between rows E and back to maybe H. Why not in front of row E? Well, I've never gotten to sit this close for a broadway show before, but I feel like there might be a "too close" seat, where you are having to put your head way far back to see everything. I know sitting in the front row at a movie theater is not the best seat. I prefer to be back at least a few rows. Also, I have sat in the front row for a play production at my high school, and I could see how caked on the makeup was, and it wasn't as good being that close to the stage. Everything looks more natural with a little bit of distance.

I hope this gives you an idea of where you would prefer to sit at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis! Ticket King has great seats in the price range you're looking for! Give us a call at 612-341-4131, or stop in our Minneapolis office, 212 Chicago Avenue South, on the corner of Washington and Chicago! You can, as always, order at!